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Moon Media

Moon Media is a division of Moon Creative Lab Inc., a venture studio that powers the creation of new businesses for Mitsui & Co. LTD and beyond. 

Moon Media was created to help showcase inspiring stories of people and places that fall at the intersection of creativity x entrepreneurship within Japan. We know that many of these inspiring stories exist throughout Japan, but they are often difficult to find and hard to access. Our goal is to uncover these hidden gems so that we all can nourish our creative souls and begin turning inspiration into innovation.

We look forward to bringing to life these narratives and hope you will join us in this journey.


Moon Mediaは、Moon Creative Lab Inc.の一部門として、日本におけるクリエイティビティと起業家精神を持つ人々や場所を紹介するために設立されました。このようなインスピレーションが日本中にたくさんあることを知っていますが、しばしば見つけるのが難しく、アクセスも困難です。私たちの使命は、これらの隠れた宝石を発見し、人々が創造的な魂を養い、インスピレーションをイノベーションに変えられるようにすることです。

Clockwise from Left to Right:

Kaichi Yokoyama (Executive Producer), Masataka Namazu (Photography), Ted Ko (Co-Producer), Michael Peng (Executive Producer), Marco Lui (Director & Writer), Kohei Watanabe (Director, Filming, Editing, Music), Akari Yagura (Filming) 

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